The Christian’s Guide to Using Your Authority in Christ Jesus With Everyday Examples PDF

Note from 2Timothy236:

I wanted to share my book as a PDF with all my readers on VIJNM for free.

I encourage everyone to read and share “The Christian’s Guide to Using Your Authority in Christ Jesus with Everyday Examples.” The material in this book is meant for every Christian young or old and applies to every believer’s life and we should use it daily. No matter where you are or what walk of life you’re from every part of the world has troubles, which most often stem from the spiritual realm.

We have to look beyond what’s in the physical and use our spiritual authority to identify and then tear down enemy strongholds. In doing so, I believe the veil of darkness that the enemy has used can be stripped away and people will be able to see the light and truth of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. This will lead people to true repentance and salvation in Christ Jesus, so they too can grow in a relationship with him. I believe that this could lead to revival worldwide, but we all must work together as the body of Christ in harmonious unison for God’s glory.